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Temple Reef Elevate 2.0 E1 Slow-Pitch Jigging Rod

The Elevate 2.0 series from Temple Reef is a great entry point to slow pitch jigging for any angler, it provides a modern design along with all of the features you need to get you started and more. All Elevate rods feature their Neutral Spiral design which will make it easier to level the line on any traditional tall and narrow jigging reel, along with the many benefits of a traditional spiral. The offset guides help remove some of the twist that you get from conventional rods which will make the rig more comfortable to fish and easier to get used to. On a soft action rod you will never have to worry about your line touching the blank since it will always be on the bottom, this lets you remove unnecessary guides and save weight to make the rod easier to fish all day but also more sensitive. All of the rods in the series come out at under 5.5 oz which makes it a lot easier to get a light combo you can jig with all day. All of them are two piece rods which makes them easier to transport and provides the additional benefit of having a different action butt section, you don’t want as much bend at the end of the rod so having a separate section that is stronger will give you power on the bottom end. They all come with a soft carrying case so combined with the 2 piece design they’ll be perfect for travel.

From the Manufacturer: Temple Reef has been at the forefront of slow pitch jigging with its Levitate and Gravitate series or rods, both of which have set the performance standard for which all other slow pitch rods are measured.  Now,  Temple Reef introduces the Elevate.   Designed to provide the pure slow pitch experience at a more affordable price point, the Elevate is the gateway for every angler to have access to highly technical and capable equipment, at a price that won’t break the bank.  Featuring our newly adopted Neutral Spiral guide train that will allow line to return to center and rigorously tested in some of the world’s most demanding fisheries, the Elevate will bring your fishing to the next level.

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