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Temple Reef 66 Grand Cru-Pwr 1 Slow-Pitch Jigging Rod

The Grand Cru is a very interesting addition to their lineup, the rest of the rods in their line are more traditional with a softer bend and less backbone while the Grand Cru aims to add some power and backbone to SPJ so that you can pull the bigger fish out of structure without worry. They maintain the 2 piece design but move the ratio further so the split in the rod is 70/30 giving you a much more powerful backbone for extra pulling power. They all feature a conventional guide layout which is perfect for the more powerful design. Anyone fishing tug-of-war style spots or species will love this rod, it will let you turn the fish before they get into the rocks, reef or kelp as well as give you more control over it if you’re on a party boat.

From the Manufacturer:

Dropping into a wreck or need extra stopping power? – Grand Cru does what was previously impossible, now with unrivalled action and incredible backbone. Featuring a proprietary 2-piece 70/30 joint design and Temple Reef’s Direct Sensory SystemTM (DSS) to give you Power, Performance and Sensitivity. Horsing a Grouper away from structure or needing to pump and wind, Grand Cru will respond with on-demand power. Finished in a matte deep burgundy red, this is a rod made for the connoisseur.

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