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Temple Reef Project X-Stage 1 Slow-Pitch Jigging Rod

The Project X is a new concept hybrid rod, featuring a 1 piece design which aids in the versatility and action that it can impart on jigs. These rods are made to fish both Slow Pitch and High Speed jigging techniques with slightly different jig ratings for both. The tip is light and sensitive enough for a moderate and slow bend with little movement to be perfect for a slow pitch retrieve, while the backbone and tapered bend will allow for you to fish a fast paced high speed jigging retrieve. All of the rods are 6 feet long to give you the best in-between range, the most traditional SPJ length which gives you enough to work a jig given the light tip. While also being short enough for a high speed retrieve when fishing the traditional speed jigging technique. These rods are all spiral wrapped which makes them perfect for either scenario, but makes speed jigging especially comfortable since leveling the line is no longer a concern.

From the Manufacturer:

PROJECT X is a new concept, designed to function both as a Slow Pitch rod as well as a Speed Jigging rod depending on what the situation demands. Sharing attributes of the legendary Gravitate, Project X can be used in many different conditions. Engineered with a sensitive tip to provide the pure slow pitch experience, and also with backbone and power for the fast rhythmic movement of speed jigging. Incorporated in the design is Temple Reef’s Direct Sensory System™ (DSS) that takes sensitivity to a new level. Extremely light weight at 4.5oz, Project X is the quintessence of high performance rods.

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